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Saint Joseph, The Holy Spirit 2-12-96

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St. Joseph, The Holy Spirit says,
"The Words, the Directions, the Instructions, the
Love, the Hope, have all been delivered, and there
are no excuses acceptable, for man to resist, to reject,
to deny, that the Ultimate in Instruction is available
for all mankind."

ON FEBRUARY 12,1996 AT 1:45 P.M.


" I am Saint Joseph. Most times We
announce Ourselves in the same manner I have just
done, so that those present and those who are
recording Our Words will be fully aware of which
One of Us is speaking.

Mankind is deliberately ignoring the Importance
of the Magnitude, the Greatness of The Holy Trinity.
There are many throughout the world who are so bent
on humanistic values, humanistic pressures, humanistic
beliefs, that just to mention The Divine is out of their

At different times through the history of the
Creation of the world, and the different evolving of
mankind's form of thinking, manner of doing things,
also depending upon the character of the time in
which different generations lived, it is important for
mankind to understand that all these steps had a
purpose, many a learning stage of the importance of
human life, the importance of the ability to create
more up-to-date forms of things that would bring
more comfort to human life.

Mankind remembers, historically, times that had
names to them, and this time in which you live will
have a title mostly based on this Miracle that The
Father has given to the world at this time, a time
of rejuvenation regarding the soundness for which
mankind was created, and growth in which mankind
made much progress in Faith in God, strengthening
the individual's thinking in why life was created, the
Goal for which it was created.

Through this Gift of The Father's Love man has
been the recipient of so much Direction, so much
Personal Concentration on the importance of man's
behavior, man's beliefs, always in association, always
closely connected to the Soul that The Father has
given to life at the moment of conception. Human
life is at a turning point, and through All that has
been delivered through this Miracle, Instructing
mankind on the value for which human life was
Created, the Goal above all other goals that man can
reach for.

It is sad when We think it will take years for
mankind to absorb All that has been given here, to
put It into practice, and to see the Reality and the
Magnitude of Its Direction. Many times We see
stubbornness cause man delays, but All that has been
given is so Logically Factual, that it would be
ridiculous to deny the Beauty of Divine Love that is
within Each Revelation.

I am about to ask you a question. If this time
did not occur and things were going on as they had
been, where would you place your degree of Faith,
your knowledge in what life was created for, and
would you truly feel the strength that you feel you
have now? I don't think so. Now, as you can
sincerely feel that you have a strength, you have a
hope, you have a greater desire for a Goal, wouldn't
it be sad if this only stayed in this place and didn't
go out into the world?

The world must hear of this time, and of All
that has passed through this Gift of Divine Love,
because it is more than just what any human being
could give as hope, because human nature would not
have the ability, the in-depth knowledge, nor the
patience, to spend so much time instructing with
Repetitive Directions that give to human life a sound
course of action, of understanding, to follow to become
Great Saints. Anyone who, after reading What has
been delivered, would be a fool to not see that
Everything is full of Divine Love, not human love,
that Everything is directing the mind and the body
and the Soul to a higher plane, so that one day
Sainthood is the Greatest Goal that mankind can live
for. If not, there is no other goal for life after death.

The Words, the Directions, the Instructions, the
Love, the Hope, have all been delivered, and there
are no excuses acceptable, for man to resist, to reject,
to deny, that the Ultimate in Instruction is available
for all mankind. So be it."

Saint Joseph's Hill Of Hope
Brea, California 92822 U.S.A.
All Revelations are delivered spontaneously
and continuously as witnessed by all those
present at the time.
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