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Fully automated Image sharing tool for all Windows-based devices from anywhere in the World

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Datum: 03.11.2009 12:07
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Release of ClickNServe v. 1.00 (BuddyShare enabled)
Fully automated Image sharing tool for all Windows-based devices from
anywhere in the World

November 1, 2009

MobileTimes announces the release of its fully automated image sharing tool
ClickNServe (aka Click And Serve) enabled with BuddyShare Technology for all
Windows-based devices.  Sharing images with your friends is as simple as
clicking a photograph with your SmartPhone/PDA camera and have it
distributed to your friends, no matter where they are located.

Whether you like to take pictures with your SmartPhone camera while you are
traveling, viewing real estate, or simply just sightseeing, ClickNServe may
be the ideal companion for you.  Share the images you take, or view those
your friends shoot the moment they are created.

ClickNServe utilizes BuddyShare technology offering unprecedented
applicability, security and privacy, and ease of use.

Share information with anyone you desire, no matter where they are located,
and type of device/computer they are using. All you and your friends need,
is an Internet connection. Now compare that with the likes of Google's
Android or Apple's IPhone devices!

All sent data is automatically encrypted and directed to your friend's
devices. There is no uploading of data to servers, no need for Internet
addresses, no specialized hardware, or any form of hidden costs (just your
monthly Internet bill)! Now contrast that with the many Web-based services
which provide little to NO security whatsoever!

How easy is it to share a picture with a group of friends? As easy as click
and serve! If you are on the road and you happen to run accross a sight
worth capturing with your camera, just take a picture of it. The moment you
snap the image, ClickNServe is aware of it and passes it on to all your
friends. Now try that with a service like WindowsLive!

For added search power, combine this handy little utility with MobileTimes'
advanced search tool FindUs.

A Multi-Lingual User Interface to over 140 languages is available.

Support exists for Windows Mobile 5.x & 6.x for the PocketPC (Professional)
and SmartPhone (Standard) platforms, and all devices sporting the NT, 2000,
XP , or Vista operating systems.  Released as shareware.

Requirements: Working Internet connection.

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